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me a source mountain.I can't show interest, either, ., Have a youngly the monk take to cry a chamber.Other public include Qi Wei how.All the facial expression is snow-white, regrets of night the appearance of the Yi.quot;This too the beginning forbid area also too the dissimilarity was usually.Leaving an ancient mineral is still very far, meet with is this ground of bewitchingly, just if recklessly ex- go.Perhaps we all died over there.quot;In the middle one person quivering voice way.quot;That is the greatly fierce geography in January true dragon to cough blood!., Old haft son one face of dignified.quot;Old Zhang have you ever heard?, .Leaf's any heart in surprised again.On the noodles but very quiet.quot;I miss a little elder brother, you are more than my understand ground, if be not you remind, perhaps we remain not descend several people."The old haft son saw his one eye."I just with the intuition, the feeling knows danger.Don't understand, the old Zhang says in detail for us bottom., , Leaf any inquires., .I ain't very clear in meaning either.Only once listenned to word phrase, the old haft son shook to shake head.Way:.Before doing not know as well how and longly years, I want at least and also have 781000 years even around ten thousand years of."In years past.Someone leads geography like this under the area in the north.Didn't know to die as well at that time how much person.All of many people are that dhgsjsgdhgja ages ground somebody.Finally, a source teacher in the sky is born and just cracked that kind of a.Geography.However but pay tremendous price, almost dead, and don't lead half year, that the source teacher in the sky difficult to express disappear.quot;Don't want to break open this kind of mountain quot;Geography, descend what things didn't become each time?..The one among the monks is very sharp.quot;Certainly, otherwise who will walk into death, , , old haft son language.Don't just ugg suburb crochet boots say more what.Sigh in uggs online leaf any heart, "fire Long Fen" and quot;The dragon bleeds"all the Yun has an absolute being source.There are 2 pieces most at least.At ten several in outside.Unfortunately he but can't take.This is he the first Huan uggs online definitely explore to know an absolute being source, if have an astounding war capability, again source book all Wus in sky perhaps can come to this to try deeply.At present he can accept heart.Can be on the hoof to walk out.Is the biggest of successful.The color of the sky is obscure, on going 7 people to walk very slowly, even if real strenght not weak, they also not dare to walk quickly.All the eye attends to everywhere.Careful observation geography, only and perhaps the mistake goes into hopeless situation.Because.quot;Fire Long Fen., And quot;The dragon bleeds., Thus ground work, geography.Will never be to only there is ground, affirmation still has other demon ground, .old haft son you make sure this is lead to forbid area outside, how do I feel to is like heading for an ancient mineral."A monk meticulously says.The setting sun has been silver sparkle uggs already disappeared.The color of the sky is dark.There is no star for month, silver sparkle uggs a hope there is light fog spirit on the limitless red earth

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rise, make people Bian not pure a directions old haft son also Cu eyebrow.More walk to more have no sense of direction.This seems the one fan's area.The open countryside is quietness, there are some uncanny lipstick colors in the atmosphere the freestone is all over the place.Lightly trample in the top, meeting quot;Mao Mao quot;Of the voice ring, under this secluded but open spaces night view.Spread go to very far.7 people don't dare the gist.All the feet don't be stained with ground but go and only and perhaps disturb what.Because concerning too early thou mineral ground the legend Be getting tooer many.Walked half to engrave a clock.They thoroughly lost sense of direction, be like intruded into maze.The color of the sky is more and more black.Fog spirit curls up, beginning kiss such as the gauze, at last more and more thick, have already stretched hand to disappear five fingers ground trend., .I condition quot;.We can not walk , a monk lived to play the drum in the step heart.Way:quot;I always feel direction not to , , .I also has this felling.This seeming to combine a wood is the road for going out., , Another one person attaches and.eye midstream the dew ugg suburb crochet uggs outlet boots fear to an idea. way!quot;We one alignment is too early thou mineral.That is to call to should not call a ground of ground ineffective every day.Owner all heart in heavy.Enchanted a direction, could not find to return road.Here too the beginning forbid area and then wait if threw away a half life.The old haft son is very long silent.Sighed an one breath.Way:.Don't walk nor go.Otherwise, I worry to will living some affairs , quot;Can in no way go forward again.Otherwise ground words, perhaps we really a feet step into thou in the mineral, till then have no opportunity to regret!., , .Still wait tomorrow sunrise behind again leave., , Quot;Coming to a stop isn't satisfactory, this place makes people shriveled!., Several person's standpoints weren't and same alike

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ground vitality compares of the ordinary people Be high to be ugg outlet store getting tooer many.And this also makes him have with the bottom Yun of "any" shot"fairy", can step over for a sky, Qian, the shot kills the strong in higher 1 F sky!"Embrace mountain to print, kill deathless I!"Leaf although any drinks low so, but doesn't dare to despise"facial expressionIs formally matchless, the hands slowly row and equally shake terrible breathing.At his.Top of head above, a big Yue is since then horizontal to vacate now, like the world that rows through time immemorial, fall through time and space, endless magnificent and atmosphere, let people's heart, soul, absolute being and souls all cannot help but Zhan Li.Beginning although is still very misty, very quickly clear come down, rise dragon in a sky such as the Cang sea, the earth day pillar.The big Yue ugg shoes is like sky!Pound the Bo thou Yue, sign at the leaf any aboveHe is carrying on the back blue sky!In this a moment, with leaf any is in the center, wreak havoc ten squares!In his top of head above, big Yue Qing bird monster in the sky flies to walk, clear it is thus clear that!Strong energy motion if the big river ugg short roars, billowing bluntThe top silver Pu hangs to fall, long the river rush to flow out, thou the wood is three days,"The country greatly prints!Leaf any greatly drinks, hands Qing sky, the big Yue is horizontal empty, come out such as the Yuan sea, the ugg shoes shot splits vast sky!These are one of nine mises, kill live creatures the highest Mi method in the big Shu, the ten parties all move, and the owner Zan is scaredTremble

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with fear.The big Yue presses downfall and cracks down on forward square Tashan.The country greatly prints a rightness to definitely embrace mountain to print!The sacred mountain greatly collides, if the sea collapses ground uggs outlet to sink and replies such as Qing ground in the sky, let a shivering breathing earthquake of people to on all sidesEight squares.Being all crazy big wave everywhere is all light beam everywhere, all ruined strength everywhere, this day Qiong the bottom have no again pure rather of ground."Bomb"Is limitless huge to ring, the world overthrows to rush at all directions.After dhgsjsgdhgja two sacred mountain fierinesses collide, crazy arrogant interest scroll skyEmbrace mountain peak over hurt!The country greatly prints and coagulates not to spread, crack earthquake ground in the sky!Leave fire to teach too up elder, the chest Kuo fell to keep on sinking on the spot, if the body breaks a drum sort a while crone, horizontal 100 meters flying to go out an enemy are far.The bone of his whole body continuously sound, split a lot of places very obviously, many places all thoroughlyTransform.Leaf any rises but signs and has no Sun, the way dress hunts, he moves forward in the unreal and lightly works properly but elegance, the one step is 100 meters, like shrink ground to become inch, wink to is 7 at present.The country ugg short greatly prints vibration, the Wei presses ten squares, heavy like sky, hang in its top of head above.Leaf any of project two sharp ray of lights in the double eyes, the country greatly prints to crack down on but descends, let public absolute being and soul the Zhan is all!Leave ugg outlet store fire to teach too up elder, although the black-and-blue body is dilapidated,really is a very strong monk, open mouth the copper stove of vomiting a light Can Can.Copper stove however is one inch high, very radiant, the body is bright, aweather one exhibition, enlarge quickly,Is horizontal a while at before the body, held up country to greatly print."When"The country greatly prints to press down and bumps on the copper stove, the huge voice rings, such as Huang Zhong Da Dun at vibrate, long not unique.Is shocked in leaf any heart, this doesn't damage, still is enlarging, tower aloft in the whole world and there is the power of the abyss of time immortality."Work!He light Chi in, continuing to urge sacred mountain to greatly print can block live the Dou war saint method.Bombing to kill is forward square, he doesn't believe this"When"The long tremolo resounds through world, the copper stove again vibrates, meantime the text enlarged a lot, gloryIt is bright, have already generally signed in the unreal such as the summit of hill.Meanwhile, the body Mao Mao Pa Pa that leaves fire to teach too up elder that crone to descend makes to ring, the bone of whole body re- continues, the muscle body drum bulge get up.Although the vitality greatly harms, the Jing blood loss in business, in a short time he had the dint of one war again"transfer potential and way dint."Bomb"The light of fire is too up blunt sky of, left fire to teach an elder opportunity to take advantage of this to escape to go out, signed a body in the copper stove at far empty, unimaginablely looking at a leaf any, thus suffer utter defeat, let his heart in cold.Arrived at the moment, the owners all felt a burst of to fear, such a youth's Taoist priest, like this terrible war capability, greatly print like Yue, will leave fire to teach too up elder over hurt, really let person's afraid.Just the Tan is soft to finally wide awoke to

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than 2,000 year agos took place what.Did Gautama arrive at this world.He took place with aborigine how of story, why let big summer emperor's son change countenance?Herein if there is hidden facts.Have to make people float to want to unite Pian, the big summer definitely understands all these.It is immortally an emperor dynasty.The important event Mao of this world occurrence mens shoes piece.It should all have been already jotted down.Shaking uggs for cheap the light saint sub- smiling face is moderate.The tooth is radiant.Even the hairs are all sending forth golden light.He is very friendly.Hope forward."Have no quantity is for sky."Leaf any cantillates way.Shook to shake head.Way:"I a lie to spread to fix.Wander about everywhere, by chance smell it, .The has to delude, for this reason mutually ask."He didn't disguise as one virtuous.The shape Qi is long at the moment, the way tunic floats.Facial appearance dust.Although is very young,have a several cents fairy rhyme."The mens shoes way grew condescension, can dispel doubt for me.Gautama derives from where, what kind of exist.How much do you understand?"Shake light saint son smile, such as the Chong breeze round.The other shore from star sky of Gautama.Leaf any how may speak, way:"I know such as come to.Doesn't know it that the matter is in all my life.Not if the saint son helps me the solution, does this sakya exactly have background?""Sakya ""shake the light saint son eye win lottery China to order a point, dreamy.Very obvious these two words contain mysterious magic, will make him have different air each time.To know be like him and big summer emperor's son this waits person, Mount Taishan is collapsed to an in the moment all constant color, but such as come it let their heart in difficult rather."I originally mutually inquire to you.You but turn head to counter-question me.The uggs outlet way is long to really is that a drop of water is gastight."Shaking the light saint sub- smiling face is warm.And then shook to shake head."I however the way

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listens to the way saying.Not clearly among them actually.Still hope his highness not stingy advise, have no quantity is for sky."Leaf any feather Xiu floats."This boy.Still really think that oneself was a Taoist priest, however really stand absolute being stick."Liu Kou secretly dhgsjsgdhgja whispers."It is all nun to ask for a ground of disaster."Li Hei's underwater concludes a theory."The taste is heavy!"Bosom the Ren is more simple and direct.It is deep to shake the Yao saint son Mou son.Imitate if can cross a historical sky.Hope don't know place to the abyss of time.Way:"This name contains evil, in more than 2,000 year agos, be like broke out time and space to break a layer.all didn't reply to exist concerning its ground everythings, I know that it once existed."Leaf any smiling face is like morning glow.Ordered to nod, mean comprehension, but heart in thoughts and feelings 100001000, the his ground thinking extremely dissipates of.More than 2,000 year agos, such as come to do what, leave in this world how ground uggs for cheap trace, at present still at?All of all theses were fans, full of don't know.Let people really think a to explore throughout.He urgently wants to understand among this of everything.This is too important to him, the ugg classic tall boots other shore of star ugg classic tall boots sky.The star door that the ancients leaves crosses over endless galaxy.This trip ground terminal point is where exactly?He has to too manily don't understand.Kowloon's pulling coffin is accidental.Still is repeating the people of the past's road, Buddha whether is also that the accident arrived at star Yu of does that carry?"Such as come, most likely really arrived at this world, just didn't know to take place what formidably mishap."Leaf any heart in turn round to hope emperor's son toward the big summer from the language.Discover the other party matchless inhospitality.He is a Shi each time so.Certainly there is hidden facts.Gautama makes him avoid as taboo.Let him don't wish to bring up more!Shake the light saint son face up peep out ground smiling face in Ping-ho, turn round to face a big summer emperor's son, way:"His highness Long Qi hurtles a sky.Is the Long Zi of big summer, want to finish to such as come to have been already known.Don't know what more than 2,000 year agos exactly took place.Why did concerning this person's everythingses all disappear without basis?Seem to have never appeared.""I don't know as well, the Buddhism has sage and virtuous man in a life time.If you think to be clear, oneself can ask "big summer emperor's sub- air is cold, dided not mean again.Flank, the Yao Xi deliberates.Such as come to two words, she has never to smell.Obviously the saint son knows that the ground is many than her.After all the other party is to shake light future landlord person.This lets her heart in how much have one silk great waves.Leaf any was completely calm down.Want to know from shake the light saint son what power than ascend heaven difficult.The other party obviously can't tell its secret.As for big summer emperor's son.That can not even hope, haven't deeply asked.Is already a facial expression out of the giant a long

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Which four big?"Emperor's son in big summer asks a way."The way is big, the sky is big, the ground is big, and the emperor is as well big."Leaf any equanimity the way come, however eyes take aim to small nun.Big summer emperor's son just the article was some flavors, saw him this appearance, immediately had some to get fed up with again slanting, sank a track:"This uggs for cheap four big, can have a connection.""The emperor behaves, person method ground, ground method sky, method way in the sky, way the method is natural.I have an emperor way the day book is a spool of, follow example of ground to have no don't carry, follow example of a sky have no don't reply, can keep emperor's spirit,

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can be provided as reference.""Animals the animals , for attaining a purpose, is really a Zhan lotus of a people and have no need not."Not Li Hei Shui Dao Gu in distance."Is true the ability is suddenly and leisurely!"Tu Fei also Pie mouth."Small and soft tasty, but also some truth."The sky in Wu contemplates."My seeing you is a blunt princess come of!"Side, that escort gets a cold track generally."This speech differs Yi, I for the his highness is since then.However "make reference to here, he just a little, way:"But a few words want to ask small teacher.""Do you want to ask what?"Big summer emperor's son mildly asks a way."I want to ask small teacher, such as come still just does a life time deny?"Leaf any stares at small nun, the air is formally matchless.Beautiful and slender incomparable small nun, the facial expression is tiny panic, hide at oneself's elder brother of back, be partial to a head to blink to greatly see him.Such as come to two words an export, medium state big summer's facial expression of emperor's son immediately changed and sank a track:"I don't know what you are saying!"Such as come to two words, be like mens shoes have strange of bewitching dint, not only let big summer emperor's son change countenance, don't only is shaking of distance saint son also the air chop about, to this place walk.His Can is like strong sun, the body form has the gold color the brilliance to uggs outlet flow to turn, such as fairy Wang Lin Chen, even if station in the boundless huge, may also see him different.Leaf any clearly responded their air varieties, surprised in dhgsjsgdhgja the heart, such as come to two words to have a certain magic?The Yao Xi also walked to come over, she didn't know such as come why idea, just detect to have a difference, mens shoes she rises such as the morning glow beginning, the bright moon spread Hui, the lotus treads a style of style.Same time, leaf any responded another a vision, a building Ge from the precious jade pond fairy stone shop, ..Of the saint is female with the window but sign, covered with by fog spirit, take a distant view here."See actually and mutually, the various method is empty, the in a flash realizes suddenly ten thousand methods together, once the scene hides not to live, ***the naked Di noodles meet."Leaf any a Buddhism Jie son, see toward the beautiful and slender small nun, way:"Dare to ask Gautama still is denying?"The small nun white dress wins snow, light and free like fairy, she piece open mouth to want to say what, but eventually again shut last.Medium emperor's son of state big summer, ugg classic tall boots at the moment such as mountain Yue, outside let out Long Xing to annoy pillar, the absolute being dress blooms glory, such as the big emperor face a life time, courageous and matchless, stare at a leaf chillily any, way:"Knows Buddhism and hasn't heard this name, don't ask us!"Is Gautama a taboo?Leaf any livings one illusion like this."Felt, wonderful heart source, have no clear hull to split always generally, clearly have six in dream interest, feel slingbacks empty have no saint any."Leaf any sounds out small nun by Buddhism ugg classic tall boots Jie son and finally sinks a voice to ask a way:"Where uggs for cheap is the Buddha ?""The west Mo has the beard Mi the mountain, if want to know, you can look for."Big summer emperor's son cold track.Leaf does any hear beard Mi mountain is three words and vibrate in the heart, really is Gautama's rite?"I want to listen to you detailed say such as come and Gautama."Shake only saint son to leaf's any openings, smiling face brilliant, like spring breeze, morning glow.Vibrate in leaf any heart, feel that the Buddhism of this world contains problem, otherwise big summer emperor son with shake light the saint son is why such.The text chapter 215 talks a fairy theory wayThe novel bus renews time:2011-2-123:45:42 chapter word numbers:7083Big summer.Is an immortal ancient emperor toward, flourished for more than 10 ten thousand yearses.The big Yue collapses.Long river dried up, the ocean became mulberry field.The years is long.Everything all at change a gramBut, the big summer is vigorous such as past.Always don't change.After ground big emperor opened to publish this immortal emperor before thou of Huang dynasty, it then and always stands erect not to pour.Minute down how much time the ancient history change in succession.Accept wife how much Mi Xin, a Chinese family name.No one can say pure It thoughted of a lot in leaf any heart.

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Jean's boon and please her don't want to tell others the contents that draws an inside.Jean's boon vomits, again for fun sway several bottom drawing boards, just return to him.Now that he wants to keep secret, that she keeps secret for him."Again at paint, " Yin summer Mo washed how many apples, start using fruit knife paring, "not is promise will very good rest?""Already several days didn't paint, lie to feel on the sickbed that the arms are all some to be getting sourer, just paint to let body to a little bit move."The Yin Cheng gingerly says that fearing an elder sister isn't happy."If not that having been drawing mens shoes good."Chen in Europe's seeming is to carelessly connect.The Yin summer Mo but Zheng Zheng.Chen in Europe to she nearby of the person have been ignoring, even don't like her and family intimacy care and love, but he incredibly will talk for small Cheng now.Side Jean's boon still keeps being teasing small Cheng for fun to make, warm and fragrant one in the sickroom.She the absentminded has a kind of illusion and imitate a Buddha here at of the person is to get along with long of the one family are similar."Eat uggs outlet some apple."The apple that the Yin summer Mo will paring passes to the small Cheng, the ugg classic tall boots small Cheng side eats a praise apple very sweet, the side silently lays by drawing board, don't show her.She pared again an eat for Jean's boon, immediately after pared to like 1 again, walked uggs for cheap to Chen in Europe nearby.Chen in Europe is concentrating to looking at a notebook, the finance report of each company on the screen, closely various data.Realize someone comes over here, he raises head and hope her, and then hope she paringed of apple, his eye bottom flash across a put on throb."You "The Yin summer Mo hesitated for a while and saw the official business that he is handling, didn't give the apple him, but Wen Wan Di smiled to smile and said:"You first favour."Then she returns to body to wall cabinet in take out a plate, carefully cut into the apple in the hand one one, up put a small fork, just turn round and send back, lightly put in Chen uggs for cheap in Europe at hand."!Summer Mo you lacked of impartiality too much!"Jean's boon surprises, the unbearable half creates a big noise half dozen interest the ground shout, " lacked of impartiality too much and lacked of impartiality too much and gave I with the dshkjhhkjshash apple of small Cheng so simple, give Europe Chen of so consideration!Please, even if will get married right away, sweet very sweet also want to get around for a while, the somebody else still has no boyfriend, will be irritated of "The Yin summer Mo tiny blush with shame.Chen look in the eyes in Europe sinks An ground to stare at her and profoundly stares at her, she also stares at him, the eye wave is like water, the lips Cape lightly smiles Wen Wan, 1 kind says to not and to the utmost write the feeling that don't finish to slowly ripple to open between 2 people "Jean's elder sister En "The door of sickroom closes, in the room leaves the Yin Cheng and Jean's boon two people.Was silent to contemplate for a long time, just pure must imitate a Buddha to have no worried smiling face disappearance is from the face of Yin Cheng, although as for condition that saw a lot of elder sisters and Chen in Europe intimate recently, but, always have already grown a felling "What matter?""Why does the elder sister want to get married with elder brother Chen in Europe?""E "Jean's boon is stunned speechless, she hears that night of words by leap and bound from the brain flash across!" As long as you would like to change the kidney to the small Cheng, " inside in open spaces hallway in the hospital, eyes of summer Mo are empty boundless, " that get married ""Should be should be a summer Mo to like Chen in Europe!Chen in Europe liked the Mo in summer since the childhood, like for a long time for a long time, although he has a little violent in action,his feelings to the Mo in summer is so strong to persist!So the summer Mo was finally moved by him!"Zhen En says again urgently again quick, try very hard to suppress the quilt of the heart bottom.Not ability, can not let the small Cheng know, if the small Cheng knows the Mo in summer why wants to get married with Chen in Europe, he will definitely oppose of, that changes kidney surgical operation how do, that he will have life danger of!"You see, just summer Mo and Chen in Europe look feelings much well, although Chen in Europe is still very

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cool not the love talk, but he just stared ugg classic tall boots at the look in the eyes of the Mo in summer and really let the public inebriate!The summer Mo looks also very happiness be not?So mens shoes make us bless them, they will definitely happy of, definitely and definitely will be happy!""Is so "The Yin Cheng in an absent sort of way hopes to calm down the sickroom door of calming down the close.The hospital is long long of hallway inside."Thank you."Yin summer the Mo low voice say.She can not let the small Cheng have any doubt to the wedding of her and Chen in Europe and otherwise influence him bodily of adjustment and quiet

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